World of Super Heroes

Super Heroes Game

  World of Super Heroes

Does your preschooler like super heroes, who can protect world by their immaculate strength?
Does it like brave , brave , brave , brave and other comic’s characters?

Super Hero Name : 1. Hunk
2. Spider Man
3. Super Man
4. Iorn Man
5. Green Hornet
6. Batman
7. Captain America

this is perfect app for your preschooler to learn these superheroes names with game entertaining and educational game that offers smart learning and fun for all preschooler who have eagerness for superheroes ..
Its free game for all little preschooler , preschooler and

preschooler .
lots of educational fun for children of all ages who like super heroes…
preschooler will be developing their logical thinking skills, problem solving skill, concentration, and

Worlds Super Heroes | Play Kids Game

Brave and flying heroes, strong and fighting man and more comic superheroes images included in one fantastic, free game.
Features of the game:
World of superheroes content 10 different ways to learn spellings.
1. Beginner track: teach a spelling of different superheroes
2. Dictate with me: interesting part where kids listen their own voice practicing the spellings
3. Tap me: preschooler practice there spellings here with taping spelling
4. Arrange me: In this section preschooler will arrange the spellings of superheroes
5. Drag me: this section preschooler match super heroes pics with name
6. Pick correct: preschooler pick a correct name according to superheroes pics
7. Pair me: this section different sub section and they will practice pare the pics and name with each other.
8. Find pics: This section serve kids to find super heroes pics against their name

World of super heroes 2

9. Find Spellings: Find spellings which will be asking
10. Scratch Pad: interesting and kids love this section
All this different section kids learn different skills through super heroes spelling learning game.
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