Spelling Game – Fruit Vegetable Spelling learning


Fruits and vegetables” is a free and superb educational game for kids , babies, preschool, kindergarten and nursery kids who age between 1 to 4 years. Fruits and vegetables teaching have high quality images of fruits and vegetables. Your kids and you both enjoy our free educational game after play it.
Game has collection of delicious fruits and healthy vegetables. Your kids loves play game, kids mind games, kids puzzle games and want to teach fruits and vegetables? Then this best app for him or her.
Teaching via Online and mobile phone, KidsLearnWithFun game improve and ability for kids mindset, Best Free Educational Apps for kids , Preschoolers & Kids.
Fruits and vegetables teaching will help your kids learn about fruits and vegetables. It also helps to recognize the fruits and vegetables. It is educational and entertaining game for kids .
More than 40 fruits and vegetables available. If you have question like how your kids recognize the fruits and vegetables? Then this is best app for your kids .
teach feature let kids to identify fruits and vegetables and also recognize it.
Play option help your kids to more power on recognize fruits and vegetables.
Fun option helps your kids to identify

Worlds Best Free Game | Fruits and Vegetables Games

fruits and vegetables from selection.


1. Beginner track (Beginner)

2. Dictate with me (Beginner)

3. Tap me (Beginner)

4. Arrange me (Intermediate & Expert)

5. Drag me (Intermediate)

6. Pick correct (Intermediate)

7. Pair me (Expert)

8. Find number (Expert & Fun)

9. Find spelling (Expert & Fun)

10. Scratch pad (Fun and Learn Game)

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How To Play:

Install “Fruits and Vegetables spelling world” game via play store into android mobile

Then click on the play button for start the game

if you are beginner then press on LEARN button and you have given choice you interested to play for Fruits or Vegetables.

There are too many features given for play the game and superb game for the early age kids. 1. Beginner Track 2. Dictate With Me 3. Tap Me 4. Arrange Me 5. Drag Me 6. Pick Correct 7. Pair Me 8. Find 9. Find Spelling 10. Scratch Pair

E.g. we select the Beginner Track and enter into the main page of the vegetable’s.

Display one vegetable picture and display also its name, if you go to next page or vegetables then click on the next button.