Learning Vehicles

This application of the learning Vehicle game help children or children to learn about vehicles, This application is the world best application for the learning purpose regarding vehicles. Identify vehicle categories like Land Vehicles , Air Vehicles , Water Vehicles helps kids to memories Vehicles by category. The Airplane is the fastest way to travel, Airplanes can travel up to 7,000 mph. They help humans by giving us the ability to easily travel overseas & travel our own continent. Not only do they help us explore & learn more about our planet. They also are a great way of transporting cargo the Airbus A380 can hold up to 8000 kg of cargo and a full load of passengers.
Ship helps us to transport people and goods across the seas, rivers, lakes. They are more energy efficient than any other transportation units (planes, cars, trucks, trains). Even if they are slower than they are, ships can carry much more weight than any other vessel, they does not need roads nor rails. More than 90% of the products in the World are being transported by the sea (ships).
To make the pair of the Vehicles related to Land Vehicles , Air Vehicles or Water Vehicles.