Most popular kids educational games –

Most popular kids educational games

1 to 100 Spelling Learning Game:

A great kids game for learning 1-100 spellings through spelling games to improve our kids IQ training. It’s the best way to increase our kid’s knowledge through our different 10 activities.

1 to 100 Spelling Learning
                1 to 100 Spelling Learning

1-100 spellings Free Game toddlers easily convert numbers to words with spelling game playing. This is an easy way to learning numbers, numeric’s and spelled out. This simple application can help to learn numbers very quickly and effective way and also practice have fun with other games like Dictate, Tap, arrange, drag, pick, pair, find, spelling finding and also fun game scratchpad.In our dictate with me option also toddlers hear their speaking voice. So, they encourage speaking also. This game is suitable for students from grade 1 onwards to those also studying English as a second language. We give toddlers games easy learning in an effective way with different practice. It gives practice to toddlers, toddlers, kindergarten to learning 1 to 100 spelling easy and effective way and the big thing is they learning with creative ways. Parents also customize settings for numbers in settings option like 1 to 10, 11 to 20, 21 to 30 …. 91 to 100 through multiple option choice and the application made to enable that selection for your toddlers to play with it.


  • Beginner track (Beginner): toddlers learning spelling game of 1 to 100 numbers 1-100 spellings.
  • Dictate with me (Beginner): toddlers will improve power on spelling where kids also speak spelling with it.
  • Tap me (Beginner): toddlers will make confident in spelling game of 1-100 spellings.
  • Arrange me (Intermediate & Expert ): Now your toddlers have on intermediate level. toddlers can identify the correct spelling and arrange it in the correct order.
  • Drag me (Intermediate): toddlers understand the correct spelling of numbers.
  • Pick correct (Intermediate): toddlers fill confident on spelling
  • Pair me (Expert ): Now your kids is/are Expert in the spelling of numbers. Perfect exercise to remember the number’s spelling.
  • Find number (Expert & Fun): toddlers identify the number, so they can have confidence in numbers
  • Find spelling (Expert & Fun): toddlers identify the spelling of numbers, so they can have confidence in spelling of numbers
  • Scratchpad (Fun and learning Game): Numbers fun game to learn and fun. toddlers Enjoy it.

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Fruits and vegetables learning game :

Fruit vegetables learning games
Fruit vegetable learning games

“Fruits and vegetables” is a free and graceful educational game for preschoolers, babies, preschool, kindergarten and nursery preschoolers who age between 1 to 4 years. Fruits and vegetables learning have high-quality images of fruits and vegetables. Your preschoolers and you both enjoy our free educational game after play it.
The game has a collection of delicious fruits and healthy vegetables. Your preschoolers love to play game, preschoolers memory games, kids puzzle games and want to Learn fruits and vegetables? Then this best app for him or her.
Learning via Online and mobile phone, KidsLearnWithFun game improves and the ability for kids and preschoolers, Best Free Educational Apps for preschoolers, Preschoolers & Kids.
Fruits and vegetable learning will help your preschoolers learn about fruits and vegetables. It also helps to recognize the fruits and vegetables. It is educational and entertaining game for preschoolers.
More than 40 fruits and vegetables available. If you have a question about how your kids recognize the fruits and vegetables? Then this is the best app for your preschoolers.

  • Learn feature let kids identify fruits and vegetables and also recognize it.
  • Play option helps your preschoolers to more power on recognizing fruits and vegetables.
  • Fun option helps your preschoolers to identify fruits and vegetables from the selection.

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Toddler Alphabet Puzzle Game :

Kids Alphabet Puzzle Game
Kids Alphabet Puzzle Game

Totally Free teaching games for the early age babies, babies, and babies. Now a day’s parents have very easy to his/her kids from the digital things. Your babies can now have fun playing perplex while teaching their alphabets. This game is a nice, simple, fun and colorful game for babies, babies, and babies. Also, your kids play with alphabet puzzle. It has lots of different perplex with two different modes of numbers and letters to make your kids busy with fun and play to teach it. It is easy to teach and to control. Touch screen and drag the numbers or letter on the correct place. When perplex is completed it is restarted with new perplex which give fun to your babies. Your babies will have lots of fun for hours! This gives help Toddlers to develop their fine motor skills by dragging and dropping perplex pieces. This is an excellent app to get your babies started learning their ABCs.

Arrange the words shape perplex and make the A to Z perplex games. Superb UI of these games and every baby attract to play this application games. and very easy to understand from this alphabet games. We have provided the basic configuration of the words perplex included in these games.

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